Uleth Aupe Collective Agreement

The Alberta Labour Relations Council (www.alrb.gov.ab.ca) is an independent and impartial tribunal responsible for the day-to-day application and interpretation of Alberta`s labour laws. The Board of Directors stops and enforces collective bargaining legislation. If the parties are unable to resolve their disputes through mediation, the Labour Relations Act describes the strike and lockout procedures as well as the various options for arbitration. Most collective agreements in Alberta are done without work. The Government of Alberta provides mediation services to assist the parties in resolving collective bargaining (www.humanservices.alberta.ca/working-in-alberta/) UlFA`s negotiating team held two meetings with the Board of Directors team during the current round of negotiations (June 8, 2020 and July 24, 2020). The bargaining team met on September 17 to discuss town hall issues and prepare for collective bargaining with the employer on September 22. The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees is Alberta`s largest union, representing more than 70,000 Albertans who work in government, health, education, boards and agencies, municipalities and private businesses. The majority of AUPE members work in the public sector in occupations such as office, nursing, social services, crafts and maintenance and technical work. About one-third of AUPE members are direct employees of the Alberta provincial government who work in a large number of occupations, while about half of THE AUPE members are employed in the heath care sector. www.aupe.org/ ULFA negotiator, Dan O`Donnell, summarized collective bargaining in the province and audited ULFA`s negotiating mandate. The Chair of the Action Committee, Mr. Ranley, briefly discussed the importance of preparing for work activities and encouraged members who wanted to learn more or participate in the preparations for a work action to join the Committee.

The second half of each town hall was deployed as an open meeting of Q-A. Some members of the 2020 negotiating team and the ULFA executive, as well as Chief Bargaining Spokesperson, participated in the discussions. At the end of the presentation of the board, the discussion focused on the next steps. Given the certainty that compromises will be required, the ULFA team expressed its desire to have „money” (i.e.