Rental Agreement Alamo

Possible to and from most sites, if available for confirmed bookings. All individual rentals in Australia are paid for. Alamo does not offer snow chains as additional equipment, nor can it install snow chains on rental vehicles. Our vehicles are equipped with all weather tires. The maximum term of tenancy in a contract is 30 days and an extension of a new contract must be after that period or, in any case, a sufficient guarantee that proves payment at the conclusion of the contract. For all rents, a valid credit card or a Visa or MasterCard debit card must be provided. For payments, we accept all credit and debit cards (NO CASH) and for deposits, we only accept all Visa or MasterCard (NO CASH) credit and debit cards. Options and hedging costs must be paid at the beginning of the rent with a deposit (obligation). The credit card holder is a tenant and must be present at the start of the lease. The credit card deposit (as an authorization) is $200.00. A booster children`s seat, which is a fit car seat and a height amplifier; it is not a child restraint. It increases the height of a child to allow the orientation of the eruttion of a round wing on the shoulder of the child and is recommended for children 5 to 9 years (compulsory is 7 years). AuD 5.50`s daily fees are charged with a maximum rental fee of AUD 33.00 plus GST.

In case of loss or damage, a replacement fee of AUD 330.00 is charged to the tenant. – At airports and rental locations in California, Nevada and Phoenix, tenants with driver`s licenses issued outside the United States or their territories must present a valid passport. The U.S. territories include American Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Federated States of Micronesia and the Midway Islands. Alamo reserves the right to refuse to rent a vehicle if the tenant demonstrates an inability to manage the rules and conditions of the road. Montgomery, AL Alamo does not allow tenants under the age of 25. And in Michigan, the minimum is 18. The rental vehicle must be taken back to a location in the interior of the country from which the vehicle was originally leased.

Please note: Premium Roadside Assistance coordinates supplier services for you. They must be provided with the vehicle for Premium Roadside Assistance services. You will find the corresponding phone number that you can contact in the wallet of the rental contract that you will receive when picking up your vehicle. International Travel Cards: Alamo International Sites do not accept debit cards as a means of payment and require a large credit card for your rental. A valid driver`s license from the client`s country of residence is required and must be presented at the time of the rental. The driver`s licence must be valid for the duration of the rental period. Australia has a considerable number of toll roads, including Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, all of which are cashless. Tolls vary depending on the route and the length of the journey. Each vehicle is equipped with an electronic toll passport.

When a customer travels through a toll, the customer`s credit card is charged for tolls and administrative fees.