Ontario College Transfer Agreements

A collaborative program is one in which several schools work together to offer comprehensive curricula, with universities offering a smaller and more practical approach, and curriculums from the largest university. In York, we offer a collaborative care program in collaboration with the Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology and Georgian College. Visit the Collaborative Care Program page. The term transfer simply means that if you switch to another institution or program, you are credited. Courses in one program may be transferred to the same program to another institution or program of the same institution or institution. The Ontario College University Degree Completion Accord sets out a set of principles for the development of closing agreements between publicly funded colleges and universities. Through this type of arrangement, higher education institutions and at least one university negotiate a articulation agreement under which graduates of a degree obtain full recognition of a university degree. Any agreement is subject to the approval of the relevant government bodies of the institutions. Through credit transfer agreements, higher education institutions and universities recognize some of the learning obtained by a student in the other sector. Credit transfer agreements can take the form of formal joint agreements between institutions or ad hoc. Some or all credits received by a student in one institution may be recognized by another institution.

For more information on credit transfer agreements between publicly funded ontario colleges and universities, see Ontario`s University Transfer Guide. There are also several factors that take institutions into account when granting a transfer, including whether you have met the grade requirements for a course or if you have achieved a minimum MPA for a program, as well as the length of time you have completed a course or program. Colleges and universities also have what is called the residency policy, which requires you to have a certain percentage of a program in their institution to get your registration information. The value of your transfer depends on the similarity of your courses with those of the new institution and/or how the courses you took are associated with the requirements of the new program. Once you`ve found your way to the transfer you want to follow, use the „Transfer Search/Policy Advisor” page to connect to a transfer counsellor at the school you want to participate in. He or she can help you with any questions you have about the transfer process and advise you on the next steps of your application to your program. Ontario Colleges has developed a new website specifically designed for students who want to learn more about transferring credits between Ontario colleges and universities.