Novita Enterprise Agreement

OPDATE 27:02:2006 on and from 5.5.1 An employee, the child care allowance is granted for the corresponding period under Article, paragraph 6.7.11, working tables apply to a staff member who is provided as a child care service.5.5.3 In an emergency, the employer may ask a worker for on-call time for a certain period of time on an appointment and the worker cannot withdraw his consent inappropriately. When a public holiday is paid for a period during which a worker is on annual leave, annual leave is extended accordingly.7.3.2 Casual employee When a casual worker works on a public holiday, the worker must be paid 150% in addition to the normal hour. This payment does not include the 20 centum.7.3.3 7 days postage workersIf a public holiday falls between Monday and Friday included: A full-time 7-day workers per week, who do not work that day because their service chart is free, receive an extra 7 hours 36 minutes salary for that day; A part-time 7 weekly workers who do not work a day like this , 7.3.4 Payment for posted posts for the payment of postal workers for public holidays for a night work day that begins one day and the next, the holiday post is considered to be the one on which more than half of the hours of service are allocated to public holidays. if: a) when a service class begins on a public holiday at 10:00 a.m.m, this position is not considered a holiday trip. b) an office class begins the day before a public holiday at 10 p.m.m and ends at 6 a.m. .m. In the case referred to in point a), a night worker would be entitled to a public holiday payment under item where a worker is not required to perform the full two-hour work if the work of such a worker is to be done in a shorter period of time.7.3.6 Meal breaksThe provisions for the preparation of meals under clause 6.5 and at point 6.6.8 apply to work leave. The worker is not entitled to a payment for this leave the day before or the day after a public holiday without reasonable cause or with the prior consent of the employer.