Agreement On The Administration Of Agency Grants And Awards By Research Institutions

Violation: A violation of the CPR framework is the failure to comply with an Agency policy throughout the lifecycle of a research project, from requesting funding to disseminating research results to conducting research. It covers all research activities, including the management of the Agency`s resources. Section 3.1 contains examples of offences. This framework defines the responsibilities and policies for researchers, institutions and agencies, who together contribute to supporting and promoting a positive research environment. It defines the responsibilities of researchers with respect to the integrity of research, funding applications, financial management and requirements for certain types of research and defines what constitutes a violation of Agency policy. With regard to institutions, minimum institutional policy requirements are set for dealing with allegations of all kinds of policy violations and the responsibilities of institutions to promote the proper execution of research and reporting to agencies. This framework also defines the process that agencies must follow and which is managed by the Secretariat for Good Research Management (SRCR) and the Governing Body responsible for research (PRCR) with respect to allegations of violation of agency policy. The guide lists the tasks and responsibilities of agencies, administrative institutions and grant recipients (and delegates) needed to ensure the proper management of the Agency`s resources. For more information on the respective roles and responsibilities, see the agreement on the management of grants and agency bonuses by research institutes, the literature on programming and funding opportunities and all relevant agency agreements. Since 2001, agencies have signed an agreement with each of the more than 250 agencies on roles and responsibilities in the management of federal grants and bonuses until 2012, an agreement on the management of agency grants and awards by research organizations beginning in January 2013, which sets the basic requirements for an institution that can obtain and maintain eligibility for the management of grants and grants. The signing of the agreement is a precondition for the eligibility of the agencies. Current agreements with the institutions end on 31 March 2018.

The agencies have developed a draft new version for consultation and will have the new agreements signed by March 15, 2018. In accordance with federal grant laws and guidelines, the Agency verifies eligibility and entitled to grants. The agencies, consisting of the National Council of Science and Engineering (NSERC), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Council of Social Sciences and Human Resources Research of Canada (SSHRC), have launched a renewal initiative to streamline and simplify the management and use of grants. This initiative focuses on the development of a principled three-agency financial management guide with the following objectives.